Saturday, July 22, 2017


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The oracle of Delphi ( modern version)... high at the Mount Olympus this time..with a view on the sea.. in her temple...she will tell you what is in the future....bring her food for her service..and after that she will return to Delphi.

Nic in Shows you items from the Mount Olympus gacha from unKindness. It was in the Lootbox gacha,  the round id over but problem you can go to the mainshop. It will be there before or just after this weekend. I was a bit to late with making pictures. In the gacha  are: uK - Olympus Pavilion RARE Lootbox/ Olympus Streamers 1/ Olympus Streamers 2/ Olympus Confetti Bronze/ Olympus Confetti Gold/ Olympus Vase Light/ Olympus Vase Dark/ Olympus Firebowl Short/ Olympus Firebowl Tall/ Olympus Deco Table/Olympus Fountain Light/Olympus Fountain Dark

In time i am with the pictures from Nic in her long silk dress. A dress fitting to the oracle theme, The dress is from ::UNA:: for this month round of We <3 Role Play. Soft silk in transparant or plain
Nic's hair is the new groupgift hair from Truth ( comes with stylist hud)with the hair i used a bang from the bangs collection groupgift.

Dress and necklace: ::UNA:: at WLRP - Lima  :Una: WE <3 Role Play (NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP Tori  - July in info and notices  (free/ but group join fee)
Bang: Truth - TRUTH VIP - Bangs Collection *Updated* in info and notices  (free/ but group join fee)

Olympus items: unKindness - uk - Mount Olympus Gacha - Lootbox (NEW)
From inventory: Braziers - Shutter Field; hedera plants - soy, darkendStare.- mini baphomet statue (old gift); Angel statue - Fairey Angel Creations (old gift); doves - {anc}; dog - {anc}; food - NOBLE (free/ available); bracelets - made by myself
Pictures made:  in the uK bloggers zone ( thanks Jamie and Poe)
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 21, 2017

surf day at Baja Cove

Enough wind for good waves for surfing. But first some time for reading. Interesting what tjip is reading on his vacation ;). and interesting what fauna is on his board shorts ;)
Both are wearing beach wear from the Faboo Summer Hunt. I showed a lot for women in the post before this one, but there are also presents for men, like this board shorts from tjip. Nic is wearing a tatoo from the Summer diaries Hunt at Miss Jewell. This tattoo ( Maitreya and Belleza applier) is in the gift and an applier bikini ( also Maitreya and Belleza).
The pose from Nic in the water is a couple pose at marketplace from Luanes World.You get the blue surfboard too.

Oh and this is the last day from the sale at Apple Fall. All is 25, 50 or 75 ld. Grab your chance!!! Nic is enjoying her new tube (just 75ld for the enamel version and the iron  version). She is washing away all the salt from the sea at her home location in her gazebo ( see below). The tube is filled with fresh water and has many poses for singles as well as couples.The sim is often full.. use your hammer in hud.

Bikini: Faboo - Faboo Belize bikini ( free)
Tattoo: Miss Jewell - Miss Jewell Summer diaries gift (1ld)
Bermuda tjip: Faboo - FABOO. MENS BOARD SHORTS - SEXY FAUNA (free)
Pose Nic walking: :LW:: Poses - :LW:: Poses Surfer Walking unisex pose
Bath: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Victoria Clawfoot Tub (75ld in sale)
From inventory: Surfboard and pose tjip - Come Soon Poses; skin tjip - 7 Deadly skins; hair - no.match ( no.poem); Nic's necklace - DECO; Hair Nic  - Exile

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

down by the river

Down by the river... be on my side, i'll be by your side... You take my hand, i'll take your hand ( Neil Young)

There is a hunt from Faboo running at the moment, the summer hunt. The Faboo team writes: "we love this sim so much - we wanted to show you why! "  I was enjoying picture making at that sim.
There are 30 prizes for ladies in the hunt, and 10 prizes for men.The hunt object is a Treasure chest in a little pile of sand. Men's gifts are darker and have a red starfish".
Nic is wearing some of the presents. The dresses come with a hud.
The top with cat is from the last groupgift from No Cabide. Included is also a mini skirt (with color hud)
The necklace is a new gift from Finesmith at marketplace. The shop is already closed some time. The designer wrote: "Wow! im shocked so many of you are still here ( in her group) - so appriciated <3<3. FINESMITH is still on MP - so there is a GIFT waiting for you". In the gift a bracelet, necklace, earrings and a ring

Dress first picture: Faboo - Faboo.Tee dress (free)
Monokini: Faboo - Faboo. Rio unikini (free)
Cat top: :: No Cabide & FLG :: -  :: No Cabide & FLG :: Naira Set - Top - Hud  (free)
Tied pareo: Faboo - Faboo Tied Pareo Fuchsia (free)
Wrapped Dress: Faboo - Faboo Wrapped Dresss (free)
Necklace: Finesmith - part of  F I N E S M I T H - MANGO DIAMOND (free)
From inventory: head - LeLukta ( bento/Simone); body- Maitreya; skin - Glam Affair; shoes - Essenz ( old MM gift); hair - Truth
Pictures made at The Faboo sim: Rustic River Shack
Bye bye, Nic