Wednesday, May 23, 2018

1 linden 1 hour madness

Two outfits in this blogpost, because i suddenly got this one dollar outfit fatpack from Scandalize. One dollar for one hour and they added another hour to it. By accident i came there at that moment. It was madness there. I thought; " what's going on here.. so many avatars..". It was about the top and the skirt that Nic is showing you on the first picture. Will be at normal price in the shop now. You sometimes can have luck when you are online and they do this. I know the Aleutia shop also does this sometimes. Be alert!
I was picture making today from another beautiful dress: the dress on the last pictures is from Mutresse at Collabor88.This dress is available for a very affordable price as a fatpack. No doubt about what color you want buy! Where are you waiting for? Collabor88 ends on June 6th.
The necklace with blowballs is a beauty from Sintiklia. Yes the hair shop, but they have this out now beside of course also hair, at the Access Event. Nic's shoes are from N-Core, a gift at tres Chic.
Nic's hair is from Doux.

Dress first picture: Scandalize - 1L1H - Scandalize. Avane fatpack( 1ld/ 1 hour/ now normal price)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Blanca hairstyle [Naturals]
Dress last pictures: Mutresse at C88 -...Mutresse... Agnes Dress - 20 Colors (NEW)
Necklace last pictures: .Sintiklia at Access Event -.Sintiklia - Blowballs set
Yorkshire Terrie: [Black Bantam] at Equal10 - *[Black Bantam] Cutie Yorkie Pose 1 ( gacha/NEW)
Shoes: N-Core at Tres Chic - N-core Tres Chic Anniversary GIFT (2018) (free)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ
Pictures made at: Havanna
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

enjoy your time!

Click small picture to enlarge
On the road with her yorkshire terriers. Enjoying a summer fruit longdrink from poche.

Told you in an earlier post that i found the summer drink set at poche. Here you can see how delicious this summer fruit set looks. Nic is wearing a dress from :UNA:: from the PocketGacha. She is wearing the normal dress ( in the Rare color) and the fishnet dress over the normal dress. The shoes and the headphone with stars are also from ::UNA:: for PocketGacha. The hair is from Elikatira. It was the last Fifty Linden friday item. Comes with a color hud for the head band. Will be available for normal price now in the shop.
The cute Yorkshire terriers are from a gacha from Black Bantam at the Equal10 Event. Ends June 5th.

Dress: ::UNA:: for PocketGacha - dress 4. +shoe +hud (RARE/gacha/NEW)
Fishnet dress: ::UNA:: for PocketGacha - fishnet dress 5. (gacha/NEW)
Shoes:::UNA:: for PocketGacha - High Star Shoes common 2. (gacha/NEW)
Headphone: ::UNA:: for PocketGacha - Star headphone sky  3. (gacha/NEW)
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Janiah - Essentials ( was last weeks FLF item/ now normal price)
From inventory: head - leLutka; body - Maitreya; skin LAQ

Dog in bag: *[Black Bantam] at Equal10  - *[Black Bantam] Cutie Yorkie Dog Carrier Decor2 (gacha)
Dog: *[Black Bantam] at Equal10 - *[Black Bantam] Cutie Yorkie Pose 1 Color 1(gacha)
Fruit drink set: poche - Vitamin color summer dessert poche (50ld);
From inventory:  bike - Salacity; menu board - Silvery K
Pictures made near the Fashiowl pose  shop
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, May 21, 2018

ew.... mice!

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Still unconscious  about what will happen, she is sitting on her floor pillow from [.:TM:.], a gift at Tres Chic, because of the 3rd anniversary of the event. She is sitting in the sun outside the beautiful backdrop from Mesh India, the Jaipur background in red, released at Limit8 ( in three colors).Then she suddenly gets an invasion of mice. I think because of the milk. The milk can is with the wood panel screen, the royal wine case, the bucket with white flowers,the bronze bird tree cage, the wine table (the Rare) all in the gacha from Mesh India in this month's PocketGacha.
The grass with flowers, tree, butterflies and the fawns are from Simply Shelby, it's a gift at the Peace by Peace hunt. This summer fawn meadow is editable, so you can drag parts of the scene to places where you want it, like i did. You need find a piece of puzzle. Not easy for me to find. Thanks Laura for your help.

Nic is wearing a lovely elegant stylish dress from .:(CW):. , a present at Sense. Isn't it a beauty, that dress? The boots i showed you in the post before this one, here. But you can see them better now.
From the Tres Chic event as promised yesterday, Nic is showing you more gifts. The hair gift from DeLa ( comes with a color hud) and the necklace from EMOtions. More jewelry in that gift. The lipgloss for LeLutka is from Mudskin, also a gift at Tres Chic. I am really glad that she made lip gloss now for LeLutka. Mostly i saw in the shop for Catwa heads. I love the glosses from that shop.The cute nails from Creative Studio are also a gift at Tres Chic.

Dress: .:(CW):. at Sense -.:(CW):. Milly Mini Dress  (free)
Boots: YM SHOP - part of YM SHOP_Zelda Outfit ( hunt nr. 40/ 15ld)
Lip gloss: [ MUDSKIN ] at Tres Chic - [ MUDSKIN ]_GLOW LIPBALM (ADD) (free)
Necklace: EMO-tions at Tres Chic- part of .:EMO-tions.. *DESTINY* set (free)
Hair: DeLa at Tres Chic - =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Ruby" Gift pack (free)
Nails: Creative Studio at Tres Chic -  Creative Studio 28LA. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Nails (free)
From inventory: head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; makeup - LAQ

Backdrop: Mesh India at Limit8 - MI Jaipur background ( NEW)
Milk can and more ( see text): Mesh India for PocketGacha - MI Ratna decor gacha (NEW/gacha)
Summer Fawn Meadow - Simply Shelby for PbP hunt - PBP Hunt 2 Simply Shelby (1ld)
Floor pillow: [.:TM:.] at Tres Chic - .:Tm:.Creation TRES CHIC 3rd Anniversary (free)
Lucky heart plant: hive //- hive // lucky heart plant . group gift (free)
From inventory: Mouse- Pewpew!; cushions and hanging lamps - Silvery K
Bye bye, Nic