Thursday, May 25, 2017


Not the best neighbourhood where they are. But tjip had his car painted and they need to wait till all is ready. They booked a motel nearby. But the neighbourhood makes them a bit depressed.
Nic is wearing a beautiful dress from the Tres Chic birthday. Comes with a color hud  with nice combinations.The shoes are also a gift there as well as the  black tie. Tjip is wearing a jacket from Alien Gizmo's, bought with the 250ld groupgift gift card. The giftcard groupgift is gone, but Alien Gizmo's does give these cards often. So stay in touch. You can ofcourse buy the jacket for normal prize. Tjip is wearing a forked beard from the presents at We<3 Roleplay.
In the decor you can see a neon love sign from Beusy at Tres Chic. The painted car with painting machine is from Mesh India at the RFL H&G event. I promissed to show that one to you in another blogpost. The Motel truck is also from Mesh India in a gacha the mainstore. The televisions are in the gacha at Ultra ( again from Mesh India)

Nic is wearing:
Dress: Scandalize at TC - Scandalize. Lauren . FATPACK (free)
Tie: [Have Unequal] at TC - [HU] Rachel Tie_black_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza_(free)
Shoes: Gizza at TC -TRES CHIC 2nd Birthday gift - GizzA (free)
Lipstick: Lumae at We<3 Roleplay - Lumae :: Glimmer Lipsticks (free)
Eye Make-up: Ys&Ys -  *YS&YS* at TCF - *YS&YS* Bold Eyeshadow(free)
Poses from Nic: An Lar at  Ultra - an lar [poses] The Rachel Mini Series (free)
From inventory: Hair - Phoenix; Body -Maitreya; head - LeLutka (bento Simone); Skin- LAQ

Tjip is wearing:
Jacket: Alien Gizmo - Bruce Jacket GRUNGE ( free bought with from 250ld giftcard/groupgift/ gg now gone/ but Alien Gizmo's has often this giftcard groupgift/ stay in touch)
Fork beard: -Labyrinth at We <3 Roleplay -Labyrinth- Gift WLRP May 2017 (free)
From inventory: Shoes - gabriel ( old gift); Jeans - paul polo; hair - Monso

Truck: Mesh India -  MI Truck Decor Gacha ~ Friends Copy
Painted car: Mesh India at RFL H&G Event - MI RFL H&G 2017Car Decor Paint Machine (NEW)
Television: Mesh India at Ultra - MI OLD TV DECOR GACHA
Neon Love sign - Beusy at TC - Beusy: LOVE Neon Sign (Multicolor)(GIFT) (unpacked)
Bunny chair: Eckle - Eckle Bunny Chair Black ( free/ gg/ Group join 25ld)
Pictures made at: Soap
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

girl time... no boys around

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Drinking mojito's together on the beach. The girls  wear the same dress from Alien Gizmo's. We bought the dresses yesterday in the evening from the 250ld giftcard, a groupgift. Go to the entrance and join the group for free and get yourself the giftcard and then go shopping. This dress is such a nice one. Nic is still wearing her hair from yesterday from DeLa, a gift at Tres Chic. Laura is wearing a beautiful hair from Stealthic. Nic is wearing the Blueberry shoes from a gacha from some time ago. Laura is wearing the shoes Essenz, Anaheim (old Midnight Madness gift). Laura is wearing all sorts of jewelry from Meva. On the beach you see the cute truck from the gacha at Mesh India. The bottles are from Mesh India in the new gacha at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room. The truck bar is from unKindness. The beach grass in the right corner from the pictures in the middle is a gift at We<3 Roleplay from 22769. Always good to have this when you go do some landscaping.
The mojito pose is a new gift at Reel Poses. Comes with the mojito glasses. group join 30ld.

Dress: Alien Gizmo's - Opal Dress BLACK and red(free because  bought with 250ld , groupgift Giftcard!!)
Hair Laura: Stealthic - Stealthic, Aquaria
Shoes Laura: Essenz - Essenz, Anaheim (old Midnight Madness gift)
Bracelet Laura: Meva -  Meva Kamila bracelet (gacha item)
Rings Laura : Meva - Meva Bento Rings Gold Box
Earrings Laura: Meva -Meva Boho Sept earring
Lipstick Laura: Lumae -  Lumae, Glimmer lips (group gift)
Pose: Reel Poses -   ~Reel Poses - Mojito (free/ but group join 30ld)
Hair Nic: DeLa  at Tres Chic -  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Rowen" Gift pack ( free)
Lipstick Nic:  Lumae at We<3 Roleplay - Lumae :: Glimmer Lipsticks (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Blueberry ( Iconic Doll/gacha); skin Laura - 7 Deadly skins ( may groupgift); Skin Nic - LAQ, bodies - Maitreya - Heads - LeLutka Bento Simone.

Dune grass: 22769 at We<3 Roleplay - 22769 - Dune Grass - Gift at we heart Roleplay (free)
Bottles : Mesh India  at CSR - MI Glass Bottle Decor Gacha (NEW)
Truck with beachball: MI - MI Truck Decor Gacha
Truck bar: unKindness -  uk - Vintage Truck Bar Set
From inventory: Beach parasol- {what next};  'Coastal' Marlow Chairs - {what next}; Chairs: - {what next} Winter Harvest chairs; flamingo's - !Ohmai
Pictures made at: les reves perdus
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, May 21, 2017

if you want to know...

If you want to know where you can get  all these items and decorate this beautiful  bungalow from Serenity Style just see the credits ;).

I just can recommend to you to go to the Tres Chic Event. It is the anniversary round and you get beautiful gifts. Plus the shops are filled with good products.
In this blogpost also items from Mesh India. For example: the cushions in front of the home (and a very cute car decor paint machine/ will show that one later) at Relay for Life Home&Garden Expo 2017.With nine regions packed with your favourite Home and Garden stores, it can be hard to know where to begin at the Home and Garden Expo!  The list with the shops and tp's is: here . Mesh India you find: here.
Also from Mesh India are the glass bottles at The Cosmopolitans Saleroom and the television at Ultra.
Many items are from Soy too( see in the credits list). The chandelier is from Bazar. I saw it at 6 Republic, that event is closed, but it's in the mainshop now. You get 6 colors.

Taxi to Tres Chic ( TC) is here
Nic is wearing:
Dress: Overhigh at TC - O V H .Gisela Dress . gift (free)
Hair: DeLa  at TC - =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Rowen" Gift pack (free)
Shoes: COCO at FaMESHed - *COCO* Gift Open Toe Mules  ( free)
Butterfly jewelry: Silvery K at Whimsical -*:..Silvery K..:*BohoStyle Gacha(NEW)
Daisy bracelet: Maxi Gossamer at [Cynful] - MG - Bracelets and Earrings - Daisy Chain (free)
Sunglasses:..::ILLY::.. at TC - ..::ILLI::>> Gift F Vogue Glasses (free)
From inventory: Dog - JIAN; Head - LeLutka; Skin- LAQ; body - Maitreya

Bungalow, bed, blue chair, stool with banket, wall art "if you etc", blue pots: Serenity Style at TC - Serenity Style- Counting Waves Gacha- TRES CHIC MAY (NEW)
Plants: Soy. - Soy. Potted Plants Set [addme] (unpacked)
Cactus: Soy. - Soy. Superlong potted cactus [addme]
Hanging plants: Soy. - Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Baskets: Soy. - Soy. Handmade Pompom Basket [addme]
Ethnic chair: Soy.-  Soy. Armchair made with villager handmade fabric
Sea wall art: Soy. - Soy. Sculpture wall art [group gift](free)
Plants in low basket: {what Next} - pothos plant from {what next} House Plants 2 - Set of 3
Television with blanket: Mesh India at Ultra  - MI OLD TV DECOR GACHA (NEW)
Cushions: Mesh India at RFL H&G - MI RFL H&G 2017 (rug under the cushions i made invisible) (NEW)
Bottles : Mesh India  at CSR - MI Glass Bottle Decor Gacha (NEW)
Chandelier: BAZAR - ~BAZAR~Berlin-chandelier in 6 colors (79ld)
Turtles: TLC at Ultra - TLC three-toed box turtle*(free)
Teapot set: MOCO Homes - Moco Emporium ~ Summer Tea Set *v2 Summer ( free)
Travel Journal: fame femme at 86 Republic - fame femme: Travel Journal - GIFT(event is closed)
From inventory; Copper table - BIGBULLY ; book lamp - Mesh India ; rug - Silvery K; lounger- Pixel Mode; side table - Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic and extra Thanks to Hans Inshan