Sunday, March 26, 2017

i'm home...where are you?

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Just one cigarette before we go inside boys. Back from Paris, but where is she?
Time for tjip again to be on the blog. He is wearing a sweater from the World Tour Hunt 2017. Find a globe. Tip for this one is: take a seat in the garden. The broques ( shoes) are from an outfit at the menstuff lounge. The jeans is also from that set. Included is a nice jacket with shirt and tie. But such jacket's i showed before on the blog so he is wearing the sweater. For driving it's more comfortable. And it's weekend now.
The car is the groupgift from AXL Pro at the moment. There is group join fee but  you get so much nice items every time.. it's worthwhile to be in that group guys. You get cars and houses.

Sweater: Miss Darcy -  Miss Darcy - Tunic - Homme - Le Coq (World Tour Hunt hunt 2017/2ld)
Jeans and shoes: *PowerDesign* at The MenStuff lounge - part of MS Lounge Gift by *PowerDesign* (free/ group join 50ld)
Car: AXL PRO - AXL pro box - Cheyenne Cuddle Car - Ivory ( free/ but group join fee)
Home at the background:  Scarlet Creative- Scarlet Creative Stardust Cottage
Bench: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] "Cyprus Escape" Bench
White flowers on the first picture: Heart - Heart  - Wild Flowers Queen Ann's Lace
From inventory: Hair - EMO-tions ( skip a beat / at marketplace ); skin - 7 deadly skins; Suitcase- Shiny Shabby ( old gift); attache case - shops gone
Pictures taken at: Neva River, Isle of Serendipity
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 25, 2017

live your dream... dream your life

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Her World Tour office at the beach.
Yesterday i hunted a bit. Two hunts: the World Tour 2017 hunt (March21 - April 31) and the Into the Blue Hunt (March 1 - March31) and i ended up with several nice findings.
For the World Tour hunt you need find a globe (2ld), for the Into the Blue hunt a blue butterfly. The desk set ( the desk with decorations, the wall shelf and the chair) from Pixel Creations and the beach set ( fence, surfboard, life belt and torch ) from Dreamscapes Art Gallery and the USA wedges ( laying on the ground) are from the World Tour 2017 hunt. There are several pathes to follow (info here).
The wedges are cute. Not matching this outfit now. So that is why they are on the ground. And there is another problem: it's a pity they are coming through the legs when the legs move. So i use them as rezz objects ( also cool) May be the designer can change it, i hope. Otherwise you can use them under wide trousers. We females are creative with solutions aren't we girls?
The beach towel rack ( 2 versions/ him and her/ him and him/ why not her and her i asked myself ?) is the new groupgift from Shutter Field.

From the Into the Blue hunt are the necklace and the top. Nic's hair is from Tram at the Crossroads. You can find it in the mens part at the event. She the backside below.
Nic is using a skirt from Blueberry from the luxe box from last year. Wedges from REIGN ( old gift)

Top: Miss Jewell - ITBH Miss Jewell Female (hunt/free)
Necklace ( comes with earrings) : DarkMatter - ITBH object  # 22 (Darkmatter) (hunt/free)
Hair: Tram at the Crossroads - tram G0220 hair / HUD-A (NEW)
Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry Luxe Box ( june 2016) - Lover skirts
From inventory: Wedges - REIGN; Head- LeLutka; Hands- Vista; Skin- WoW; Body - Maitreya

Beach set: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Beach Set* - Dreamscapes Art Gallery (hunt/ 2ld)
Wedges on the ground: ::REA:: -::REA:: USA Heels MID (2ld)
Office: PIXEL CREATIONS - Adventurer's Desk - 15 Europe WT2017 [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS(2ld)
Beach towel rack ; Shutter Field - [sf] beach towel rack - his & hers - group gift (free/ group join 20ld)
Office sign: Noller's Art Gallery - Office sign (9ld)
Lights: [we're CLOSED]  - [we're CLOSED] party lights
From inventory: Beach home - AXL Pro ( showed before on the blog)

Forgive me some of the criticisms this day please. I realy appreciate very much all the hard work from the designers,  their creativity, and their kindness to please us with gifts!
Pictures made at: La Beatrice.
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

in the old garden greenhouse ( two posts today)

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This old garden greenhouse is from the Deco(c)rate Box from March. I like this one so much. The textures are gorgeous. Even rain/ moisture drops on the windows.
Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality decor, home and garden items from very good designers. If you would like to purchase this month Deco(c)rate, it's available at the Deco(c)rate HQ for full prize. You can join every month before the 8th to get the mystery box for half the full prize. More info here. I decorated the greenhouse with many free items , for example from the Purple Connection Fair. Run to that Fair for your gifts because it can close any moment. I don't understand why it is open just for 7 days when the purpose is fundraising for Relay for Life.
From Mesh India you can see some items from the gacha at the new round of the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.  I will show you more items in next posts.
Nic is wearing a long shirt, the new groupgift from !gO! Good for working in the greenhouse or the garden or just for lazy days.

Shirt:!gO ! - !gO! Miranda Chemise - Group Gift
From inventory: Hair Lamb ( Lovesong); Wellingtons- Petite Mort-( old gift)

Old garden greenhous: [keke] - [keke] for Deco(c)rate
Yellow chair: Ariskea - Ariskea[March] Group Gift Chair (in yellow and orange)(free)
Welcome mat: Kalopsia - Kalopsia welcome mat
Potting table: [Circa] - [Circa] Botanical garden potting table
Tree: Kitty Creations - part of outdoor cuddle benches Kitty Creations ( free/ WYCH/ till 25 march)
Book stalk: Mesh India at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room - MI Bookstalk ( gacha/60ld per play )
Lamp Book - Mesh India at CSR - MI Lamp Book ( gacha/60ld per play)
Seedlings: sari-sari - Mrs. Bumpkins seedlings (gacha/50ld per play))
Plant in the door opening: unKindness at C88 -   part of Ariskea & Unkindness [Solace](NEW)

Taxi to The Purple Connection Fair 
Purple chairs: Lacrime dell'anima at Purple Fair -  Relay Purple Talk Chair Set ( free/ was still open at 23March)
Hibiscus: Simply Shelby at Purple Fair  - Purple Connection gift -Simply Shelby (free)
Potatoes : PPK at Purple Fair  - PPK Sack of Potatoes dispenser (free)
Closet: LULUs - White old Woode Mesh Closet 0 ( 10 ANIs ) 5V  (free)
Orange flower in bottle: tiar at Purple Fair - - tiar Love dance flower gift ( free)
Herb frames (in closet): (Dream of Medieval Crafts)- A Gift from (Dream of Medieval Crafts)(free)
Lavender garden ( small picture): "Moon Sha" - Purple Connection gift "Moon_Sha"(free)
Pictures take near the [keke] shop
Bye bye, Nic