Saturday, March 17, 2018

the color of healing

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Green is the color of healing. It gives rest and gives us a save feeling. It's a very basic nature color and the symbolic meaning stands for fertility. Today it also stands for St. Patrick's day.
Nic's moods are changing you can see on the pictures from a bit sad to happiness. I hope not because of the alcohol from the St. Patrick's coctails.

This is a bit a lazy blogpost. Hair, make-up and stockings from yesterday. The blogpost from yesterday was more laborious to make. Now she is in the fields. The morning fog is still laying over the fields. It's cold but the sun did come through the clouds and will drive out the fog. Pictures are made at Izzie's, now decorated for spring.
Nic's dress is from the lucky boards at Cynful. It's from the Take Note Set. In the package are the dress ( with and without a pantie and the corset and tie. All for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. Good also for a secretary. Nic will wear this at the St.Patrick's feast at the place with her friends this evening. Nic's St. Patrick's coctail is from a hunt at ChicChica. Very easy to find. It has a good bento holding animation. Made with good details.
Nic's shoes with reptile texture have the super color hud from H@S. You can match the shoes with every color of your outfit. So worthwhile to have these.

Dress: [Cynful] - [Cynful] Take Note Set - Olive (free/LB)
Coctail: :::ChicChica::: - :::ChicChica::: Special coctail (free)
Stockings: !!! Karla Boutique !!! - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Stockings -Appl  Maitreya & Belleza
Shoes: H@S -  H@S Grace Reptile Leather - Multicolor
Eye make-up: Zibska - Zibska [Gift] ~ Viki ( old gift)
Nails: DaneMarkZ - DaneMarkZ primula
From inventory: earrings - Izzie's ( old gift Epiphany gift); skin - Glam Affair; head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; greyhound dog - JIAN ( March the Arcade); pose: *StArPoSeS

Rustic Lavender Cart: Alehandrita -  Alehandrita Rustic Lavender cart ( 99ld)
Path: Two Moon Gardens - TMG Winter Farm path 1 and  2
Trees and grass:  Hayabusa -  Hayabusa Prunus, sakura prunus, populus, field grass folia and Trembles tree ( with wind effect with a menu to manage speed and amplitude
 From inventory: bunny and chickens - dust bunny ( gacha);
Pictures made at Izzie's 
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 16, 2018

glamour boudoir

Click the small picture to enlarge.
It's still Glam Hollywood time at Swank. You see Nic now in her Glam boudoir. The furniture is this time from [CIRCA]. You see the make-up table and chair. The chair has 36 poses. You get some make-up props. All so cute! The chair in blue and periwinkle  is a groupgift from [CIRCA] now in the main shop. You can also see the roller rack with dresses with shoes, the mirror, the curtains and several make-up items on the table and on the chair beside Nic. With a click i could open that eye make-up box. The flower on the table has a color menu. Click the glass and choose your color.
In the boudoir you can see plants from a set from 3 plants from hive//. Comes with three sorts of pots. The happy hour tray is from dust bunny. The round paintings on the wall were a present from random.Matter. I changed the pictures in it to get a French sphere. The hanging lamps are from a gacha from Silvery K ( the october gacha). The lady Art Deco lamp is from Compulsion. Shoes on the ground are from an old VIP group gift from Essenz.

Nic is wearing a dress from Dead Dollz, the Fifty Linden Friday item, with a nice back and gloves. Her shoes are a gift at AMUI.

There is a photo contest running at Backdrop City. That is where i made the picture today.The theme is Classy Touch. I will send in my picture. Many super photographers are in the contest. Winning a prize i don't expect at all. But it's nice to join. You can watch already here. My picture at Flickr is here. Please help with faves.;)

Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic  Vivacity brown
Dress: Dead Dollz - .::Dead Dollz::. Flo Dress&Gloves - Wine FLF (50ld/FLF)
Shoes: .:AMUI:.  gift for Telehub - .:AMUI:. "MIU" SHOES - SILVER
Stockings: !!! Karla Boutique !!! - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Stockings applier maitreya &Belleza
Eye make-up: Zibska - Zibska [Gift] ~ Viki (old gift)
From inventory: necklace - Maxi Gossamer; bags on chair- fufu ( Maxi Gossamer) and tea time sac- Le Poppycock; body - Maitreya; Skin - Glam affair; head - LeLutka;  Lipstick - LAQ (Wilma); cigaret- The Sea Hole

Art Deco set: [CIRCA] at Swank - [CIRCA]- "Glam Hollywood" Art Deco Vanity Set (NEW)
Roller Rack - [CIRCA] at Swank - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Glam Hollywood" Roller Rack
Chair: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] Pkg -  "Glam Hollywood" Vanity Seat Set - (GG '18))free/ but group join fee)
Chair: dust bunny at Uber - dust bunny . velvet shell back chair . pink . (NEW)
Plants: hive// at C88 - hive // potted plants . full set (NEW)
Tray: dust bunny - dust bunny. happy hour tray .
Shoes on the ground: Essenz -Essenz - VIP group gift 8/13 (old gift)
Birth bath ( outside the window): TLC - TLC GROUP GIFT_bird bath* (free)
From inventory: round painting - .random.Matter ( but filled other pctures);rug - [DDD] ( old FLF item); dog - {anc}; hat box ( near window) - [kusshon]; Compulsion - Lady Art Deco Lamp; hanging lamps - Silvery K
Pictures made at Backdrop City
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

something to keep me warm

Click the small picture for a better view.
Something to keep me warm.. that is ofcourse love. But here in the narrow super cute winter street at Senses it is also something else. The movements of her new animation overrider are keeping Nic warm. In the beginning of my sl period i learned from someone how to fill an empty animation overrider with animations, that i bought. Filling and changing the notecard in the animation overrider etc. And yesterday i did this again, after longtime, with bento animations from Oracul Animation. The shop is already long time in sl and the animations aren't expensive at all. The result is so cute. Some poses you can see on the pictures.
Nic is wearing a skinny jeans and a sweater from the lucky boards at Cynful. I love street wear looks, so i was happy to see there these clothes and more. Go have a look and try your luck. The sweater has also a duo color in the hud. The  wedges i got from a lucky board at Lotus. Thanks to Love Trill ( may be you know her from the Fabulous Free group in sl) because she offered me a teleport to the shop, when my letter was at the board. I was too late then, but today i got the shoes.
Nic is wearing a skin from the clearance sale at WoW skins. All sorts of skins for 50ld.
Below you see how you can combine the set with a jeans jacket from N- Uno when it's cold.

Hair: Exile - Exile:: Slow Dancing
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  - .::WoW Skins::. Kate TAN Lelutka-Omega ( 50ld in clearance sale)
Jeans: Cynful -  [Cynful] Anyday Skinny Jeans - Coral 2 (free/LB)
Sweater: Cynful - [Cynful] Exposed - Sea Foam TDR (free/LB)
Wedges: LOTUS - LOTUS. Nayeli Wedges / Peach BOX (free)
Eye make-up: Veechi - Veechi - Duochrome Shadow (free)
Animations: Oracul Animations - Oracul D6032-Stand.N, D6580-Stand.N, D6405-Stand.N and D6576-Stand.N (each 20ld)
Jeans jacket ( see below): N-Uno - N-Uno - Mia Jacket Denim Dirty Blue (1ld)
From inventory: ~Nerido~ Kitty Necklace-Blue ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; scooter - [Con.]; bikes- Salacity pose prop.; dog - JIAN
Pictures made at: a winter story,  Senses
Bye bye, Nic