Wednesday, February 21, 2018

carrot cake?

Carrot cake.. i mean the super delicious carrot cake at the middle picture. Not those piles of carrots for the bunnies. With the flower dress, the Valentines group gift from (fashionably dead) and the bunnies from !gO! at this new round of Shiny Shabby i am totally in spring mood. Click the second picture to enlarge and get a better view.

The bunnies are packed in super cute boxes ( see the second picture).
I made the pictures at a hill top at the sim from the high quality tree shop The Little Branch. The scene was nearly ready and then i thought: "Oh i need one bunny more for the picture!" But going there was no option with everything attached to Nic and then back to the sandbox to unpack and back to this spot to sit at the right place. Laura helped me ( thanks so much Laura), she went to buy another sweet bunny at the gacha and because it is from the gacha she could send it.
Nic is sitting for a tea party with her bunnies on cushions from unKindness, from the cozy day set at Collabor88. Theme this round is rain (ends 6th March). You can see the rain theme in the pattern on some of the cushions. You can buy single seats pack, double seats pack, accessory decor pack, a pouf pack and a full pack.

Dress: (fashionably dead) - (fd) Group Gift February 2018 - Valentines Dresses with color hud(free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ - Tableau Vivant \\ Missy - Basics
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Glasgow (Sand) old Valentines Gift
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Twin Hearts - Gold
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; skin - Glam Affair

Cushions: unKindness at Collabor88 - uk - Cozy Day Set - Collab88 (NEW)
Bunnies ; !gO! at Shiny Shabby -  tonk, dub and hop from !gO! bunny family (gacha 75ld each try)
Rabbits eat free sign: !! Follow US !! -  Follow US !! Rabbits garden BOX2  (10ld)
Umbrella: Luas - Luas It's raining closed umbrella pink
From inventory: tea pot and teacups- unKindness ( Tea Time Delight gacha); Carrots: BananaN - Carrots from Banana Mellow (once a gift)
Pictures made at: The Little Branch
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

a window with a view

Window with a view. A view to the world. This doesn't only mean that she is looking through her window watching the dark and grey day. No it also means a broader view about humanity and the melting pot of cultures in her city. The melting pot of cultures you can also can see in her decorations in her new loft. Click the middle picture to enlarge.

A colorful chair and paintings from afro background, a gift for the Black History Month at Roudy.  A coffee table box from Japan from Silvery K. The cabinet  from India from Mesh India for Tres Chic. All reflects the world outside that she is looking at. The day is grey and dark so she has placed many flowers in her home to brighten up the day, from the PocketGacha HUD event. (60ld each  try). No coss to get the hud.
The lofts are a new release from Bueno at Uber. There are several sorts of street buildings like this one. All has a loft and below are a shops. Three versions: Regular, gray and decay. Sidewalk and accessories included. The colors of these buildings are perfect.

I like Nic's casual look. From the moment i saw the sweater on a vendor i loved the sweater Discovered it was a release from N-Uno for Tres Chic from January. So i am a bit late but you can buy the sweater at the main shop now. Comes with shorts. The grey jeans is from the discount part of the Kitja shop. Many good jeans there.
The platform sneakers are from the 50-75 linden Saturday promo at Reign. Below a close up. Comes of course with a good color hud. The hair is the Valentines gift from Lamb. On the right side is a heart hair accessory (with color hud).

Sweater: N-Uno - N-Uno - Tora Outfit // N 2
Jeans: Kitja - Dian Mom Jeans Grey ( discount/100ld)
Sneakers: REIGN - REIGN.- PLATFORM SNEAKERS AND WARMERS(promo/ still there/75ld)
Hair: Lamb - (Group Gift) Lamb. Cupid - Fatpack (free)
Sunglasses: Soul Identity - Soul Identity Drago sunglasses GROUP GIFT Feb 2018 (free)
Poses: ZZang - The Lean poses pack 026 The Lean
From inventory: Body - Maitreya; skin - Glam affair; eyes - IKON, head - LeLutka; music pocket blue - Tentacio ( gacha)

Flowers: Mesh India for Pocket Gacha - MI Kala Vase Decor Gacha Set ( for pocket  gacha)
Cabinet: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Samyukta Lamp Cabinet
Buildings: Bueno at Uber - Mulder Loft Buildings (NEW)
Dark wall frame with flower: Salacity - Salacity Framed Art  B&W Flower (NEW)
Red chair, vases and "color me beautiful wall frame:  "Roudy" - "Roudy" Black history Month Gift (free)
From inventory: rug and lamp - Silvery K ( Sweet October gacha); scented oils bottles- AXL Pro; tray of candles - AXL Pro; cat- JIAN, brown box ( used as table) Silvery K - Japanese traditional furniture gacha)
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, February 19, 2018


All deep asleep. And she is still a sleepyhead standing near her bed. The rays of the sun are coming in. Where was she in her dreams? I know.
In her sexy outfit/lingerie Nic is laying on the bed. I discovered that the Sophia dress from Blueberry combines with the top part of this lingerie set. I don't want walk around with a very naked Nic, when i go shopping. So i quickly put on this dress and i was a surprise to see, that this is possible.
Naked she is for sure in this lingerie. Watch the second picture. Click small pictures to get a better view.
In the Cynful shop i discovered old group gifts. Between them was exactly, what i was looking for, a heart necklace. Nic's hair is a new release from Monso at Kustom9. Love also this one again.

At Uber i couldn't resist buying something for the decor. My excuse to myself for buying: I promised myself to buy every month something at Uber, remember! The Tennyson sideboard and the decor set on it are from The Loft at Uber. The sideboard made me smile, because in rl i planned to buy exactly the same sideboard. Nearly ordered it some weeks ago. On the ground or at the stool a lovely bamboo basket with pillows from revival, with color hud. The rose on the wall is a decor item from Salacity as well as the New York frame above the bed. There more sorts of wall frames in the new main shop.

Lingerie set and chain boots: Emberotic's Fashion Designs - EFD_215 Destiny Chain Outfit & Texture hud (NEW)
Dress: Blueberry - Blueberry Sophia dress
Hair: [monso] at Kustom9 - [monso] My Hair - Sorim /Mixed (NEW)
Necklace: [Cynful] - [Cynful] Heartfelt Necklace X-Mas 2016 (free)
From inventory: skin - Glam Affair; Head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Home - Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Highlands Lodge
Rattan pillow basket: .:revival:. - .:revival:. rattan pillow basket
Decor on sideboard: The Loft at Uber - The Loft Tennyson Decor(NEW)
Sideboard - The Loft at Uber - The Loft Tennyson Sideboard (NEW)
Wall art: Salacity - Salacity Wall Art Rose and New York
Stool: Nutmeg - Nutmeg&RK Poses. Old Stool Set Group Gift (free)
Books: Nutmeg-  Nutmeg - Pile of Vinage books Group Gift (free)
Blue lamp: Nutmeg - Nutmeg. Hardy Iron Lamp Blue
Vintage clutch ( on coffee table): Nutmeg. -Nutmeg. Vintage clutch
Cheese plant: {what next} - {what-next} Cheese plant
Pony girl rocker: unKindness - uK - Pony Girl Rocker white
Her Note: unKindness - uK Victorian Bookstand Her Note (gacha)
Bed: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Country Folk bed
Vintage coffee table ( near bed): ::Atoyle:: - ::Atolye:: Vintage coffe table
Books on coffe table: ::Atolya:: - ::Atolye::  My favorite books
From inventory: candles with leaves - [kusshon]; NamaSlay yoga candle - :BoWillow: dogs- JIAN; grandfather clock - An Lema (old event gift/not available)
Pictures made at a secret location
Bye bye, Nic