Monday, November 20, 2017

who is next?

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Nic as a maid in the café with sweets and more. Behind the bar in the kitchen and on her way to the guests. She is wearing the maid dress and the apron form the gacha from ::UNA:: at the Cookish Fair, started 17th of November. Also the plates with pigs,bunnies, a mixed plate with bunnies,pigs and  kitties and the croissants and the plate, that Nic is wearing are all in the gacha. The dress in this color is from the RARE version. The RARE has a huge color and texture hud. The apron in this color is a common. Nic is wearing hair from her inventory from Wasabi Pills named Veronica. It's an oldie but has a nice vintage look and still available.The shoes with flowers on the backside are a gift at Scandalize.
Behind Nic you can see more sweets from the Teddy Food gacha from Mushilu with cute kawaii food with bears, chickens, a bear box etc. made for the same fair.
Plate with figs, a pear plate, the honey jar and the Wild at Heart board on the wall are from unKindness, part of the Long Winter Set at Whimsical. Parts can be bought separately. I promiss to show you that set in another post. From dust bunny are the knitted stools ( comes with a color hud) and the cocoa and cookies tray ( was FLF item/ now normal but affordable prize). A very good Quality as always at dust bunny.
The rug is made with textures that i got from Palette, a gift at 68 Main Event. More colors and patterns available. The calender is a gift at FaMESHed, that i used also in this post. The neko cat statue is from [kosmii], a gift in the mainstore.
Hanging lamps from PILOT, hanging plant from Ariskea and the other plants from Soy.

Dress and apron and sweets ( see my text) ; ::UNA:: at Cookish Fair - Maid Cafe Gacha (NEW)
Shoes: Scandalize - Scandalize. Graci heels (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi Pills ( Veronica); head - LeLutka; body- Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Plate with figs, pear plate,honey jar and Wild at Heart board - unKindness at Whimsical- uk - Long Winter Set - Whimsical (NEW)
Teddy sweets: mushili at Cookish Fair - mushilu Teddy Foot Gacha (NEW)
Neko: [kosmii] - kosmii :: Akuryou Neko (group gift)(free)
Cocoa and cookies tray: dust bunny -dust bunny . cocoa & cookies tray . boxed (was FLF / now 75ld)
Knitted stool: dust bunny - dust bunny . knitted stool  ( was FLF / now 75ld )
Christmas baubles decor: [ keke ] - Winter gift Gift from [ keke ] (free)
Texture for rug; Palette at 68 Main Event - Palette Shibori  (free)
Calendar: Kraft Work at FaMESHed -KraftWork 2018 Calendar . Fameshed November Gift (free)
From inventory: book shelf - Ariskea ( Kustom 9); bookcae with water bottles- Di'Cor and Mesh India; sunflowers and coffee machine  - {what next}; Minimalistic Chandelier ( old SLB gift in 2016)- Pilot;hanging plant - Ariskea; plants - Soy.
Pictures made at la Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 17, 2017

yes i hear you

A quick post because of busy times in rl. Nic is showing you a set that i found at the H@sTag event for the very affordable prize of 10ld. You get the jeans the top and the heels. Nic is wearing a waist shirt, part of a set  from Jana&Littles SL World. The sternum owl tattoo is from Red Girl Tattoo at the H@sTag just for 25ld. There are more low prized tattoo's there. For example a lotus sternum tattoo for 15ld.
The male portrait  from Anda below i add here for the males who want a bit an older look. I helped Anda with this bento head and skin. The free bento body and head, that he got wasn't a success for him. It was to difficult to get his familiar look back.
This is no free bento head. Often males find it more difficult to get used to the bento head. This is an easy way to get a good look. The head is from Catwa..called Justin. You can buy an expensive version with many add-on's ( for example for mouth movements ) or a  basic version. You need not have all to get a good look. The skin is from  Nivaro, called Odin, with Catwa applier, skin tone Polar Bear.With a grey, black, blond or red hairbase, brows and beard. Comes with a face scar version. The hair is NEW at  the Mens Dept  Event from Dura. Comes in a long and a short version.
Because the Catwa head was nearly as Anda's former non bento head it was easy with the sliders to do some little changes and there he was again.
Isn't he a handsome older male?!Tjip is very jealous because of this  beautiful look of Anda

Nic is wearing:
Outfit: Cassandra Couture at H@s Tag - Gift Spotlight - Estela [ Cassandra Couture) ] (10ld)
Tattoo:Red Girl at H@s Tag- [RG-SPOT] OWL STERNUM TATTOO (25ld)
Waist shirt:Jana & Littles SL World -JL- Umina Outfit (HUD)
Bangles: [kosmii] at On9 - [kosmii] Gift  (free)
Bento rings : Slipper - Slipper Deidra MMM November ( old Midnight madness gift/ now normal prize)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi Pills ( Erika); eyes - IKON, body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; skin - LAQ; phone part of a pose from Frimon Store

Anda is wearing:
Head: Catwa - CATWA HEAD Justin [Basic Head] (900ld)
Skin: Nivaro - -Nivaro- Catwa Applier 'Odin' - Tone 02 (Polar Bear)
Hair: Dura at TMD - *Dura*B81-DARK (NEW); eyes- from the Catwa head; glasses from an outfit from paul polo
Pictures from Nic taken at Green Story
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Rain

Yesterday i told you about a challenge from the We Love To Blog  group. The theme for november is November Rain. I made grey pictures from rain and lightning at the beach. I met Oxi there and he told me about this other rainy sim. For the challenge you can send in two pictures so here are again rainy pictures. And again i am in doubt about which picture of the pictures below, will be for the challenge at Flickr. Scroll and click to enlarge.

Nic is wearing hair again from the HairOlogy Event. The top and the camo pants are a gift at the 68 Main event from Finale Couture. The necklace i described yesterday, but here Nic is showing it. It is in the package from HUDSON's with the black pearl necklace, a new release at HUDSON's. The jacket is a well know jacket from COCO. Its in a sale part of the shop. There are items for 30% till 70% on sale. May be also interesting for you to get something what you always wanted, but couldn't afford then. Although it's an old mesh item i am glad with this jacket. I wear the large size to go with the top.

Nic is wearing:
Top and camo pants: Finale Couture at 68 Main Event -  Finale Couture Regan - Khaki(free)
Hair: {Limerence}at HairOlogy  - {Limerence} Sona Hair (free)
Jacket: *COCO* - *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_SageGreen ( in SALE)
Key necklace: HUDSON's - My Pearls Black Jewel Set  *COPY*~ By Candace Hudson (NEW)
From inventory: Boots - ROC; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Mihaly is wearing:
Outfit (jacket/ pants and shoes): FashioNatic - FashioNatic Cinder male outfit
Hair: no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_KISS ~ Pack of BROWNS

Pictures made at: Green story
Bye bye, Nic
Picture for the challenge
 or this one?