Saturday, April 21, 2018

wet and dripping

Salt&Pepper has a very cute,funny and sexy gacha at the Epiphany event at the moment. In the gacha are dresses and bikini's with a special effect. When you walk in SL water the dress or bikini is getting transparent and starts dripping. You need to go in the sun on the beach and the dress or bikini will dry. You can see the difference at the pictures. Many colors available in the gacha. I am sure many sl partners will like this dripping and transparent effect. Nic is wearing another hair from rezology from the sale at Marketplace. Her towel is from ::K:: in the mainstore. With a hud for several colors. On one of the pictures Nic is wearing slippers from the lucky boards at #Empire. The necklace is an oldie from her inventory, from DECO ( still available at Marketplace). The surfboard is from a gacha at Silvery K in the mainstore.

Dress: Salt &Pepper at Epiphany - S&P WET 20. dress  Lara salmonflower (NEW/gacha)
Bikini:Salt &Pepper at Epiphany -  S&P WET 8. bikini Lara salmonflower (NEW/gacha)
Hair: rezology at marketplace- rezology Wisp fatpack ( sale/25ld)
slippers: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Penstemon with color hud (free LB)
Necklace: DECO - DECO Seaside necklace
Towel: ::K:: - ::K:: Beach Towel
From inventory: skin -Ys&Ys; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; surf board - Silvery K (beachparty gacha); rings - Meva
Pictures made at La Beatrice

Friday, April 20, 2018

i know there's a path that's leading towards the Master...

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Love devotion and surrender...
A place for devotion, in the wood. Sounds of birds and the smell of the forest ground. The bird in the cage will soon be set free. No doubt about it.

Nic is wearing a skirt from M.Birdie from a gacha. Reminds me of the sixties. The top from Spirit is available at Uber. You get a sparkling version and this one. The cute necklace has a text "you are my sunshine". It's a  group gift from Cae. Comes with a color hud.
Rezology has at marketplace a big hair sale. Nic's hair is one of those sale hairs. Some hairs are 1ld, most 25 or 28ld. Lovely hairs in my opinion. You get fat packs. I like the blond color from rezology.
The cage is a release from Mesh India at Tres Chic (resizable). The lotus lamps, the holy kundalam and the Siddharta Face decor are all from Mesh India, released in the new Pocket Gacha. Get your pocket gacha hud at marketplace for free .From your armchair you can do the gacha without the problem of a laggy place to go.

Skirt: M.Birdie -  `M.BIRDIE / Merry look-skirtA4 Maitreya (gacha)
Top: Spirit at Uber - SPIRIT - Tia sweatshirt [PEACH]  also a sparkling version (NEW)
Hair: rezology - rezology Cloud Nine ( 26ld/ sale at Marketplace/ many more hairs)
Necklace: Cae - Cae :: Sunshine :: Necklace [bagged]
From inventory: flats - #Empire ( old FLF item); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Ys&Ys

Lotus Lamp, holy kundalam, siddharta face - Mesh India for Pocket gacha - MI Siddartha Gacha Decor (NEW)
Bird cage: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Indira Bird Cage (NEW)
From inventory: {anc} swallows ( gacha); lights - [CIRCA]
Pictures made at: Witchwood
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 19, 2018


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Breakfast or a lunch in nature can be disturbed  by little creepy creatures. Nic seems to be unaware of them. Enjoying her sunny morning outside.
She is wearing an 1 dollar gift, the bodysuit from Scandalize. Will be in front of the shop for 24 hours. Don't know when this offer started. Nic is showing you the set with and without the scarf. You can also see a snake choker, the rare item from the gacha from Codex at the Epiphany Event. The shoes ( with color hud)  are again from the lucky boards at #Empire. Hair from Sintiklia, another Midnight Madness gift from last saturday. For those who want Sintiklia hair it is good to know that the shop has lucky boards.

Jumpsuit: Scandalize. - Scandalize. Stacy. PinkPale (1ld/ 24 hours)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Trachelium (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Sara - Special pack ( Free for MMM from last saturday)
Necklace: Codex at Epiphany - 13 CODEX_SNAKE CHOKER RARE (gacha/NEW)
Day bed - junk. - junk. Vintage french daybed
From inventory: Blueberry pancakes - dust bunny, coffee - 8f8; skin - Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body; Maitreya; beetle - [kosmii]; bento rings - MEVA
Pictures made at: The Ruins of Deepmarch
Bye bye, Nic