Friday, October 20, 2017

good sh...


Oh good sh.., i couldn't sleep because of lung problems. But because of that, i could finish this blog post in the night.
Again something from ::UNA:: ( it was the  birthday today from this hardworking designer, congrats UNA). Nic is wearing the jersey sweater with a skirt, with a lace part under the skirt, a release for the Kawaii Project. From the Seasons Story again some gifts: the hair, the necklace, the beanie, the pumpkins, the hello gorgeous coffee and the glasses. After long time Baiastice has a groupgift, festive elegant shoes with all color hud. The group join is 50ld.
The bags and thermos are from mushilu for The Secret Hideout in a Halloween gacha.
Taxi to the Seasons Story (TSS) here
Top: ::UNA:: at the Kawaii Project  - Angy Jersey Pearl White (NEW)
Skirt: ::UNA:: at the Kawaii Project - Angy Skirt(B) Red (NEW)
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] at TSS - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Fai hair-Anime set (free)
Beanie: lock&tuft - *lock&tuft - hype beanie *TSS GIFT*(free)
Necklace: *Sweet Kajira* at TSS - Sonia silver necklace *TSS Gift*(free)
Hello Gorgeous coffee:*BOOM* at TSS - *BOOM* Seasons Story Fall Gift (free)
Glasses: :::insanya::: at TSS - :::insanya::: Cali sunglasses *TSS Gift* ( free)
Ring: TABOU. at TSS - TABOU. Crime ring ( free)
Thermos: Mushilu at The Secret Hideout - Kokoro Halloween Thermos 2 (gacha)
Thermos: Mushilu at The Secret Hideout - Kokoro Halloween Thermos 1(gacha)
Yellow bag: mushilu for The Secret Hideout- Kokoro Halloween handbag [Rare] (gacha)
White bag: mushilu for The Secret Hideout  - Kokoro Halloween Bag white (gacha)
Black Bag: mushilu  for Secret Hideout - Kokoro bag Black (gacha)
Shoes: Baiastice -  Baiastice October 2017 groupgift ( free/ group join 50ld)
From inventory: Skin - Wow Skins; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; WoW skins

Pumpkin with stars : {YD}at TSS - {YD} Magic pumpkin (free)
Pumpkin: Sorbet. at TSS - Sorbet. Pumpkin Decor
Further: Dog - JIAN; shopping cart and clutter - CVR;  sofa - Nutmeg
Pictures made at : Lake Magic
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 19, 2017


 click small pictures to enlarge
looking through the skull wreath

She can feel chains here in this room. It's strange and creepy. The sensation of her hands are gone as if she only has bones. The feeling is so unreal!  Skulls she also can feel. What's going on ..what's going on with her? Is she still in this body? She has the feeling that the surroundings are not real...

Nic didn't use drugs. It's may be because she is so tired and feeling a bit feverish.
But let's see what she feels. We see Nic in a dress from UNA for Panic of Okinawa. Yesterday i showed you the hunt dress. This one you can buy in a version with bloodstains on it or without bloodstains. Many colors available. You get also the bento skeleton hands. Funny to see the movements. The chains are from unKindness from the "with these chains" photobox. Available at the Man Cave event. I made the walls from the photobox transparent, so i could use the rest in an environment somewhere in sl.
The skulls are from the gacha from Mesh India at the Gacha Guardians. The skull wreath is the rare item.
In Nic's ear is a cowweb jewel, a gift from Nanika.

Dress with bone hands: ::UNA:: at Panic of Okinawara -::UNA::Ms.franky  (Maitreya)(NEW)
Eye make-up: Zibska at the Season's Story-  Zibska [Gift] ~ Pascaline for Omega, LeLutka and Catwa (free)
Web Earring: .::NanikA::. - .::NanikA::. Gossamer earring (free)
From inventory: hat - Elleby ( old gift); head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; skin - wow skins; hair - elua ( Noah); black earrings - mandala; necklace - Mandala; Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)

Chains: unKindness at Man Cave ( start the 10th of each month)- uK With These Chains  Photobox ( NEW)
Skulls: Mesh India at GG - MI Halloween Skull Decor (gacha/NEW)
Skull with candle: [DDD] at the Seasons Story - [DDD] holdable skully gift (free)
In decor: piano - [Noctis]
Pictures made at: St John Woods
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


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This is a mix of fantasy and Halloween. I call it halloweenish. It has something to do with halloween but not all. The good side ( yes you realy read this ..written by me) of Halloween is, that you can live out all sorts of fantasies and be creative.
By the way this dress is available at the panic of okinawara event (October 12th 8:00am - November 4th) from the hunt there. Hunt items are going to be a freebie for 24h, then sold for 50ld. For the hunt you need knock on the door and  say "trick or treat", the door opens and you get a hunt gift (or not) . Each item is limited to a 24 hour period and changes daily. It's a bit difficult to explain. Just go and try till your learn how to do it there.
The silk texture of the dress is very good and the dress is elegant. On the hat ( from Nic's inventory)  i did wing ears from the hunt. You can win large wings, small wings , a hat ( not shown) and the dress.The eyeshadow is from Zibska, a present at the Seasons Story. The bloom head pieces in Malva is from OrsiniRed at Marketplace. The tattoo mask is a groupgift from Carol G. Tattoo.

Dress and wings: UNA - UNA Okinawara Hunt (Maitreya). UNA. (free / or 50ld sold each piece/ read in the text)
Lipstick : *PB* - *PB* Pastel lips promo omega appliers( 10ld)
Eye make-up: Zibska at the Season's Story-  Zibska [Gift] ~ Pascaline for Omega, LeLutka and Catwa (free)
Tattoo: Carol G. Tattoo - Halloween Mask [CAROL G]  (free/ group join fee)
Head piece: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Headpiece Frosted Bloom Malva ( 99ld)
From inventory: hair -Elua; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; dog- Birdy ; Boots - REIGN; skin - WoW skins; hair - Elua
Pictures made at: St John Woods 
Bye bye, Nic